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The software versions below are for beta testing only, for regular releases appropriate for production environments see under the respective core applications and rich clients.


Planned features

Planned features:

  • Import wizard (C. Dalitz, E-mail 20.10.2017 11:38)
  • Inspection of collectors in DiversityCollection C. Dalitz, 26.10.2017

DiversityCollection - Manual

Download the Manual (zip archive), 2018/03/13

Updated content: Videos for several chapters


Download the Client software zzzzzz_zzzr (zip archive), 2018/03/18

New features and fixes:

  • User can not change password m
  • Call back if application should be closed
  • Non biological taxonomic group (e.g. rock, mineral) connect to DiversityScientificTerms for a name thesaurus Manual: Identification, Organism v
  • Show or hide relation details m v
  • MycoBank as new source for taxonomic names m v
  • Adding external identifiers to references m
  • Administration of Datawitholding for the collection date: Bugfixes m v
  • Labelprint: TransactionTitle added
  • Labelprint Bugfix: rank subsp. was not detected, infos from DiversityTaxonNames included, transactions did not appear in multilabelprint OK (C. Monje) v
  • Extension of remote sources with projects OK; Manual: Customize - Settings (D. Triebel) v
  • Identification: bugfix when inserting default identifier URI without identifier OK
  • TK25 - updated form for getting the coordinates, bugfix V
  • Distribution maps: Bugfix
  • Display of analysis in overview including date and number OK
  • Create stable identifier for whole database OK (T. Weibulat); Manual: Stable identifier v
  • Choosing entry from linked modules via keybord and space key OK (A. Rosenbauer), Manual: Module related entry
  • Analysis administration: several columns for query added OK
  • Stock - removing enabled OK (D. Neumann)
  • Setting timeout for database updates for Postgres OK; Manual: Cache database packages
  • Showing processing ID in interface OK
  • Adding analysis with more than 10 parallels: Bugfix OK (V. Sanz)
  • Database tools: clearing the log tables OK; Manual: Database tools
  • Database tools - creation of triggers: Bugfixes and improvements
  • Adding analysis - automatic generation of numbers - Bugfix OK (V. Sanz)
  • Restoring deleted dataset for a whole specimen including depending data OK (G. Rambold), Manual: History
  • Deleting datasets: Bugfix (inclusion of method parameters) OK (V. Sanz)
  • Overview for users within a project including roles and editing roles getestet, email V. Sanz, 06.10.2017 17:51 (T. Weibulat, 2017-06-12 14:30); Manual: Login administration V
  • Feedback for login administration changed to new version OK (T. Weibulat)
  • Export for parts extended with methods and parameter OK (V. Sanz) V
  • Bugfix removing identification responsible OK (Reiner-Drehwald)
  • Bugfix accessing read only projects OK (F. Raub)
  • New material categories (mineral and earth science specimen, material sample) OK (T. Weibulat)
  • Preselection of collection event OK (T. Weibulat, 14.7.2017)
  • Inclusion of webservice of MycoBank OK
  • Inclusion of views and functions in database description OK (T. Weibulat, 08.07.2017)
  • Inclusion of descriptions of colums of views in database tools getestet, email V. Sanz 09.10.2017 16:18 (T. Weibulat, 08.07.2017)
  • Display date in Feedback form OK (A. Jandl, 23.8.2017) V
  • Form for updating database with current version of feedback OK (9.10.2017)
  • Setting of sources for identification: Bugfix Ok (V. Sanz, Email 9.10.2017 14:34) V
  • Adding missing parameters for a collection event method: Bugfix OK (V. Sanz, Email 11.10.2017 15:07) V
  • Display of query fields: Bugfix
  • Links to module entries for local databases - bugfix
  • Bugfix creating log entries in table CollectionEventLocalisation OK (T. Weibulat, 14.7.2017)
  • Bugfix setting source for Collector OK (A. Rosenbauer, Email 19.10.2017 16:22, V. Sanz Email 30.10.2017 11:36)
  • Using timeout for filling tables - bugfix OK
  • Bugfix customize display - minimal value for database response set to 0 OK
  • Inclusion of timeout in database updates OK
  • Login: Previous connections sorted OK
  • Taxonomic groups: Display of source for identification OK
  • Resetting lookup tables when changing database (e.g. Methods) OK (V. Sanz)
  • Export wizard for events: Bugfix and inclusion of database timeout getestet, email V. Sanz 12-10-2017 10:36 (C. Monje) V
  • Setting the resources directory (Administration - Resources directory) OK (P. Grobe); Manual: Customize V

  • History
    • Restore deleted for many datasets OK (M. Ruff)
    • Restore deleted starting with CollectionEventSeries OK (M. Ruff)
    • Restore deleted starting with Identification OK (M. Ruff)
    • Restore deleted starting with IdentificationUnit OK (M. Ruff)
    • Restore deleted available from Menu: Data - Restore from log OK (M. Ruff)
  • Table editor: V
    • Wait cursor while saving data OK (A. Jandl, 7.8.2017)
    • Table editors for CollectionSpecimenProcessingMethod and CollectionSpecimenProcessingMethodParameter OK (V. Sanz)
    • Table editors for Analysis, Collection, Method and Processing OK (V. Sanz)
    • Table editors with copy & paste OK (V. Sanz)
    • Using timeout for deleting datasets OK (M. Ruff, Feedback 06.12.2017 13:41)
    • Disabling paste and clear for read only columns OK (V. Sanz, E-mail 29.11.2017 16:55)
  • Collection:
    • Display of subcollection content: Bugfix
    • Collection with hierarchical query OK (V. Sanz, 18.7.2017)
    • Query extended with image columns OK
    • Display of images: Bugfix OK
    • Button for accessing collection managers included OK
    • Inserting new collection in table CollectionManager to ensure access by creator noch testen (P. Grobe, Feedback 14.9.2017 13:14) [?]
  • Images
    • Bugfix setting type of event images OK (T. Weibulat, 14.7.2017 16:00)
    • Exif data for CollectionEventImages in interface included OK (T. Weibulat)
    • Warning if display order is not unique OK (V. Sanz, 4.8.2017)
    • Automatic increase of display order OK (V. Sanz, 4.8.2017)
    • Details for collection event images redesigned noch testen (T. Weibulat, 14.7.2017 16:00) [?]
    • Bugfix editing details of several event and series images noch testen (T. Weibulat, 14.7.2017 16:00) [?]
    • Disable image data controls if no images are present noch testen(V. Sanz, 10.10.2017)
  • Export wizard
    • Extended to 999 columns OK (V. Sanz, 12.7.2017)
    • Direct position setting enabled OK (V. Sanz, 13.7.2017)
    • Text boxes for columns with editor on dobble click OK (V. Sanz, 13.7.2017)
  • Methods
    • Additional query field for Methods etc. OK (V. Sanz)
    • Message about replacement of tools OK
    • Removing method parameters OK (G. Rambold)
    • Form for Methods adapted (flexible width for parameter and sorting) OK (V. Sanz)
    • Blocking change of processing after adding of methods OK (V. Sanz, 2017-06-12 10:01)
    • Form for Methods - bugfix for adding processings OK (V. Sanz)
  • Creating copies
    • Copy part: optional inclusion of linked informations and generation of several copies OK (C. Monje)
    • Copy specimen: bugfix and inclusion of relations OK
    • Copy specimen: form keep settings for inclusion OK (A. Rosenbauer)
    • Copy datasets - bugfix in accession number creation OK (F. Raub)
    • Copy parts - Bugfix OK (A. Rosenbauer)
  • Query
    • New option ∉: Exclude a list of values OK (M. Pallmann), Manual: Query
    • Fields for part description OK
    • External identifier - search for missing entries OK
    • Remember query condition values for main form and administration forms (analysis - transaction) OK, email V. Sanz 12.10.2017 16:23 u.w. (G. Rambold) Manual: Query
    • Locality verbatim included OK (Feedback A.Jandl)
    • Fields for processing method parameter OK (V. Sanz)
    • Remember query condition values - Bugfix OK (G. Rambold)
    • Remember query condition values - Saving via context menu enabled OK
    • Field StockUnit added getestet, email V. Sanz 12.10.2017 17:21 (T. Schweizer, 21.7.2017)
    • New option ∈: Only values of a list OK (C. Monje, 26.7.2017), Manual: Query
    • Maximal length of list entries extended from 32767 to 2147483647 characters OK (C. Monje, 31.7.2017)
    • Setting query options: Bugfix OK (D. Triebel, 18.8.2017)
    • Additional fields for reference and identifier for reference OK (B. Klasen, 04.10.2017)
    • Bugfix in optimized query for presence getestet, V. Sanz email 13.10.2017 13:10 (T. Weibulat, 14.7.2017) [?]
    • Disabling and enabling buttons (e.g. Optimizing, Clear, Save, ... ) according to query state (Predefined or not) noch testen
  • Import wizard
    • Bugfix for unicode signs OK (C. Monje)
    • Bugfix for updates comparing geography values getestet, email V. Sanz 13.10.2017 14:45
    • Apply calculation on data in database (restricted to update and single transformation) OK (D. Neumann)
    • Transformation title - bugfix OK
    • Import PK with default - bugfix OK
    • Inclusion of CollectorsSequence in table CollectionAgent to ensure correct sequence OK (V. Sanz)
    • Collection import extended with CollectionID as attachment column OK (V. Sanz)
    • Import of date generated by transformations - bugfix OK (W. Reichert, 27.7.2017)
  • Transaction
    • Printing documents for return: Bugfix (Wrong inclusion of display order of units)
    • Restriction of taxonomic groups in sending letters OK (V. Sanz)
    • Display of transactions in part tree: Bugfix
    • Counting loan months: Bugfix
    • Accessing optimized procedure sp_TransactionHierarchyAll instead of function TransactionHierarchyAll()
    • Hide or show hierarchy OK (C. Monje)
    • Hierarchy in query results OK
    • Bugfixes in transaction form OK
    • Hide or show specimen lists OK (C. Monje)
    • Bugfix when creating copy within hierarchy OK (V. Sanz)
    • Bugfix when creating a transaction including ' OK (I. Sebek, 30.8.2017)
    • Bugfix calculating loan period OK (I. Sebek, 18.10.2017)
    • Bugfix accessing transactions OK (I. Sebek, V. Sanz 27.11.2017)
    • Bugfix accessing inaccessible transactions OK (I. Sebek, V. Sanz 28.11.2017)
  • Maintenance
    • Synchronisation
      • Check geography - synchronize values and cached values Manual
      • Synchronisation with linked taxa: Bugfix (tax. group has not been used for linked and local sources)
      • Synchronisation with linked taxa: Restriction to same genus and species
      • Synchronizing places missing a connection with Gazetteer: Restriction to country OK (V. Sanz)
      • Synchronizing with linked taxa: Bugfix OK (V. Sanz)
      • Synchronizing coordinates with Gazetteer: Bugfix noch testen
      • Bugfix synchronizing collectors with DiversityAgents via text OK (C. Dalitz, 20.10.2017 12:21)
      • Inclusion of database timeout in textbased synchronization of taxa Feedback M. Ruff, 21.11.2017 12:05
      • Bugfix synchronizing gazetteer data (Selection of project) Feedback A. Jandl, 15.03.2018 15:58
    • Removal
      • Removal of unrelated events - redesign getestet, email V. Sanz 09.11.2017 16:57 v
      • Removal of unrelated annotations getestet, email V. Sanz 08.11.2017 09:50 v
      • Removal of unrelated identifier email V. Sanz, 26.10.2017 16:42, getestet, email V. Sanz 08.11.2017 10:10 v
      • Unrelated series - bugfix and improvement email V. Sanz, 26.10.2017 12:07, (W. Reichert, 27.7.2017) v
      • Hiding pages for removal of events and series when permissions are missing email V. Sanz, 26.10.2017 12:44
    • Insert missing TK25 for WGS84 coordinates OK; email V. Sanz, 27.10.2017 14:31, 15:29
    • Extending search for taxa in text search for whole name without authors from sp. to sp., agg., aggr. OK
    • Getting places from geonames: bugfix email V. Sanz, 26.10.2017 15:06
    • Adding analysis on the basis of existing analysis OK (M. Ruff)
    • Comparing coordinates with geography optimized email V. Sanz, 26.10.2017 14:21 (T. Weibulat, 17.7.2017)
    • Check missing retrieval type for observations email V. Sanz, 26.10.2017 11:24 (T. Weibulat, 8.8.2017, Manual: Maintenance retrieval type)
    • Call back for selection and deselection of names OK (M. Ruff, 29.8.2017) [?]
    • Searching WGS84 coordinates outside TK25 OK (M. Ruff, Feedback 04.12.2017 16:18) [?]
  • Spreadsheet
    • Betaversion for organisms, parts getestet, Manual: Spreadsheets
    • Editing options prepend and overwrite instead of insert OK
    • Inclusion of ExternalDatasource, Collection, last analysis in Organisms sheet OK
    • Insert of CollectionEvent - Bugfix OK
    • Export removes tab and return signs OK
    • Editing for columns with lookup sources enabled OK (T. Weibulat, 2017-06-21)
    • Copy and paste via clipboard OK (B. Klasen, 2017-07-21), Manual: Spreadsheet
    • Clearing values - bugfix checking nullability OK
    • Removing returns and tabs from data when transferring data via copy & paste and clipboard OK (B. Klasen, 2017-06-24)
    • Bugfix for column filter OK (T. Weibulat, 27.7.2017)
    • Bugfix for column filter: disappeared for enum tables after editing in table form OK
    • Bugfix inserting result value for analysis in Organism sheet OK (P. Grobe, Feedback 20.9.2017 16:41)
    • Marking not null columns in table OK (P. Grobe, Feedback 20.9.2017 15:46)
    • SQL query retrieval OK (S. Seifert, 10.10.2017)
    • Requery after successful editing including an insert in a table OK (P. Grobe, Feedback 20.9.2017 16:03)
    • Marking necessary columns OK (P. Grobe, Feedback 20.9.2017)
    • Bugfix displaying images in organism and part sheet OK (V. Sanz, Email 18.10.2017 13:57)
    • Bugfix clearing bit values OK (V. Sanz, Email 18.10.2017 14:10)
    • Bugfix adding rows OK (P. Grobe, Feedback 18.10.2017 10:27)
    • Bugfix adding events in organism sheet OK (P. Grobe, Feedback 18.10.2017 11:09)
    • Bugfix closing details form together with spreadsheet OK (V. Sanz, Email 18.10.2017 17:12)
    • Bugfix showing images OK (V. Sanz, Email 18.10.2017 16:55)
    • Button for adding tables OK
    • Button for removing tables OK
    • Adding parallel tables - avoid restriction to already used restrictions, e.g. WGS84 can only be inserted once OK
    • Removing not selected parallel tables (where kept in list even nothing was selected) OK
    • Setting connection to optional remote modules - bugfix (Links to gazetteer and sampling plots had not been set) OK
    • Adding and removing tables redesigned OK
    • Bugfix filtering for a list of values Noch testen, I. Sebek
    • Horizontal scroll Noch testen, P. Grobe
    • Forecolor indicating read only = grey, link = blue etc Noch testen
    • Select set to DISTINCT Noch testen, M. Ruff Feedback 25.01.2018 12:28
  • Cache database
    • Filter for content viewer noch testen
    • Inclusion of old version of cache database OK
    • Old version: information if transfer was successful includednoch testen
    • Inclusion of new columns for Gazetteer and TaxonAnalysisCategory noch testen
    • Direct access to datawithholding reasons for a project noch testen
    • Bugfix creating sources from DiversityGazetteer noch testen
    • Restriction of last date of changes in source data to not withheld datasets noch testen (T. Weibulat, 24.7.2017)
    • Bugfix in role administration of postgres (Reset roles when changing database) noch testen
    • Transfer
      • Transfer of sources to Postgres restricted to source views noch testen
      • Transfer includes optional test for updates in source resp. cached data noch testen
      • Transfer of TaxonNameExternalDatabase and TaxonNameExternalID noch testen
      • Optimizing transfer to postgres noch testen
      • Transfer of packages with single step control OK
      • Transfer - view content: Bugfix noch testen
      • Transfer avoids intrusion in activ transfer noch testen
      • Scheduled data transfer reduced to one option. All settings done in the client noch testen
      • Setting of timeout and chunk parameters for the transfer noch testen
      • Transfer in chunks for SQL-Server transfer in temporary table noch testen
      • Transfer for Postgres in chunks redesigned noch testen
      • Bugfix transfering reference relators noch testen
      • Settings for scheduled transfer (day of week, time, filter, inclusion, protocol, errors) noch testen
      • Recursive transfer in chunks for Postgres transfer in temporary table noch testen
      • Transfer of chunk for Postgres enclosed in transaction noch testen
      • Check differences between source and cache DB (context menu for filter button) noch testen (T. Weibulat, 24.7.2016)
      • Transfer of data from temporary table to final table within Postgres in chunks noch testen (T. Weibulat, 8.8.2017)
      • Check for competing sources of transfer to postgres tables in schema public noch testen
      • Transfer of data from temporary table to final table within Postgres in chunks - bugfix noch testen (T. Weibulat, E-mail 13.11.2017 15:47)
      • Transfer of data from temporary table to final table within Postgres in chunks - bugfix noch testen (T. Weibulat, E-mail 14.11.2017 17:20)
    • Packages
      • Package Observation noch testen
      • Package GUC removed noch testen
      • Packages - avoiding collision of usage or schema public (ABCD) noch testen
      • Packages with date of last transfer OK
      • Views for packages placed in schema public in separate area for content control noch testen
      • Add-ons for packages (ABCD - BayernFlora) noch testen
      • Add-on ABCD - BayernFlora - Bugfix noch testen
      • ABCD - update separated from data transfer noch testen
    • Postgres
      • User administration in Postgres: Selection of Logins and Roles deselect entry in other list noch testen (9.10.2017)
      • Login Administration including Inherit in Properties, including properties for groups and permissions for logins noch testen
      • Bugfix connecting to Postgres database noch testen (T. Weibulat)
      • Activity in postgres database noch testen
      • Postgres datebase updates running with timeout for database (necessary for larger indices) noch testen
      • Bugfix setting reference sources after change of postgres database noch testen; Manual - todo
      • Inclusion of projects missing in source database noch testen; Manual - todo

Database updates

  • Version 02.05.99: Table Transaction: Column NumberOfUnits -> int; adding role CacheAdmin to CacheUser; New column TermURI in table Identification + trgDelIdentification, trgUpdIdentification; New taxonomic groups rock and mineral, procCopyCollectionSpecimen2 bugfix noch testen
  • Version 02.06.00: StableIdentifier, Table CacheDatabase2 and transfer from CacheDatabase, procCopyCollectionSpecimen2 bugfix noch testen
  • Version 02.06.01: sp_TransactionHierarchyAll, Grants for CollectionSpecimenPartDescription, updates for functions TransactionHierarchy, TransactionChildNodes, TransactionHierarchyAccess, TransactionChildNodesAccess, CacheAdmin inherits grants of CacheUser, trgUpdCollectionEventLocalisation bugfix noch testen
  • Version 02.06.02: StableIdentifier: Enforce user to enter a value; NextFreeAccNr: Bugfix; tables, log tables and trigger for RegulationType_Enum, Regulation, CollectionEventRegulation, CollectionSpecimenPartRegulation and data transfer from ExternalIdentifier to these new regulation tables noch testen
  • Version 02.06.03: procCopyCollectionSpecimen2: CollectionEventLocalisation including geography; New indices in Transaction: NonClusteredIndexTransactionTitle, NonClusteredIndexParentTransactionID, NonClusteredIndex_ParentTransactionID_AllColumns; NonClusteredIndexIdentificationUnitDataWithholdingReason in IdentificationUnit; adding CacheUser to User; procCopyCollectionSpecimenPart noch testen
  • Version 02.06.04: StableIdentifier: Use StableIdentifierBase if present; CollectionSpecimenPartRegulation: Add Responsible; TransactionChildNodes - missing children included (in @IDs); Rename EUNIS noch testen
Please create a backup of your database if you did use regulations as the related tables will undergo a redesign. The data will be kept but external interfaces may need an adaption. The regulation tables will be adapted to upcoming specifications provided by D. Neumann in an upcoming version as soon as the specifications are available. We recommend to avoid entering data in the regulation tables so far.  
  • Version 02.06.05: Regulation - redesign, change of key etc.; Regulation: Add Status, ParentRegulation; CollectionSpecimenPartRegulation: Add Regulation, CollectionEventID; CollectionEventRegulation: fill column Regulation; Remove all relevant keys that have to be adapted and add the new keys for table Regulation, CollectionEventRegulation, CollectionSpecimenPartRegulation and apapt triggers of these tables noch testen (D. Neumann)
  • Version 02.06.06: Deleting data via cascading relations: Bugfixes for delete triggers for tables with version documentation noch testen (G. Rambold)
  • Version 02.06.07: TransactionChildNodes - more missing children included (in @IDs) OK (V. Sanz); NextFreeAccNumber: Bugfix getting the prefix OK (A. Rosenbauer)
  • Version 02.06.08: Descriptions for Recordbasis; Inserting missing material categories OK (A. Rosenbauer)
  • Version 02.06.09: procCopyCollectionSpecimen2: bugfix for part processing, methods and parameter OK (V. Sanz), NextFreeAccNumber: Bugfix generating leeding 0 for numeric part OK (F. Raub, 24.7.2017)
  • Version 02.06.10: Depending on the amount of your data, this update may take longer than the default time of 30 seconds. Please set timeout according to e.g. 0 (= infinite) NextFreeAccNumber: New design including postfix for number; StableIdentifier: Bugfix using StableIdentifierBase if present; CollectionEventParameterValue: adding missing defaults for logging columns; Cleaning table CollectionEventLocalisation_log from copies of active data (These surplus data had been generated by a bug in the software); Cleaning geometry in table CollectionSpecimenImageProperty (These data can not be kept as the way of storing the geometry will be updated to an advanced mode. If you used this feature, please turn to us for a solution of converting the data); Grants for CollectionEventRegulation OK .
  • Version 02.06.11: IdentificationUnit_log - adding RetrievalType if missing; NextFreeAccNumber - Bugfix in first while: AND @EndPos > 0, removing matches in the database without trim to ensure index usage; CollectionManager - Delete entries together with collection; IdentificationUnit.NumberOfUnitsModifier -> nvarchar(100); UserCollectionList - bugfix; CollectionEventParameterValue - adding Notes; trgUpdIdentification - writing IdentificationDate; Description of database roles; DeleteXmlNode; change links to DiversityExsiccatae to new location; procedures DeleteXmlAttribute noch testen.

CacheDatebase updates

  • Database updates
    • Version 01.00.21: adding tables TaxonNameExternalDatabase, TaxonNameExternalID
    • Version 01.00.22: adding tables ReferenceSource, ReferenceTitle, procTransferReferenceTitle, ReferenceRelator
    • Version 01.00.23: adding AgentURI in Agent, trgInsAgent, NameURI in Gazetteer, trgInsGazetteer, ReferenceURI in ReferenceTitle, trgInsReferenceTitle, ScientificTerm_PK, NameURI in TaxonSynonymy, trgInsTaxonSynonymy; ViewAnalysis: No restriction to project; Table ProjectTarget; ProjectPublished - Adding columns for scheduled transfer; AgentSource, GazetteerSource, ReferenceSource, ScientificTermSource, TaxonSynonymySource - Adding columns for scheduled transfer; AgentSourceTarget, GazetteerSourceTarget, ReferenceSourceTarget, ScientificTermSource SourceView -> 200, ScientificTermSourceTarget, TaxonSynonymySourceTarget, TaxonNameExternalDatabase: ExternalDatabaseName -> nvarchar(800), Removing constraints for LastUpdatedBy and LastUpdatedWhen in ProjectPublished noch testen
    • Version 01.00.24: TaxonAnalysis: Adding Notes, AnalysisValue -> nvarchar(max) noch testen
    • Version 01.00.25: rename ReferenceSource into ReferenceTitleSource, rename ReferenceSourceTarget into ReferenceTitleSourceTarget; TaxonAnalysisCategory: Adding AnalysisURI, ReferenceTitle, ReferenceURI; Target; Idx_Target; ProjectTarget: Change PK; ProjectTargetPackage; Gazetteer, ADD ExternalNameID, ExternalDatabaseID; GazetteerExternalDatabase noch testen
  • Schema updates
    • Version 21: adding CacheProjectReference and procPublishProjectReference
    • Version 22: adding TermURI to table CacheIdentification, Grants for CacheCollectionExternalDatasource noch testen
    • Version 23: CacheMetadata - StableIdentifier; procPublishMetadata - inclusion of StableIdentifier noch testen
    • Version 24: procPublishMetadata - StableIdentifier optional, procPublishCollectionSpecimen - bugfix LogCreatedWhen noch testen
    • Version 25: CacheMetadata - CopyrightText -> 500; CacheMetadata - add ProjectTitle; procPublishMetadata - add ProjectTitle; CacheProjectAgent; procPublishProjectAgent; CacheProjectReference - add URI; procPublishProjectReference - add URI noch testen

Cache database for Postgres updates

  • Database updates:
    • Version 00.00.09: Tables TaxonNameExternalDatabase, TaxonNameExternalID
    • Version 00.00.10: Tables ReferenceTitle, ReferenceRelator
    • Version 00.00.11: AgentRole -> character varying(255), Agent adding AgentURI, Gazetteer adding NameURI, ReferenceTitle adding ReferenceURI, TaxonSynonymy adding NameURI, highresolutionimagepath -> case insensitive; TaxonNameExternalDatabase - ExternalDatabaseName -> 800
    • Version 00.00.12: TaxonAnalysis: adding Notes, AnalysisValue -> Text; TaxonAnalysisCategory: Adding AnalysisURI, ReferenceTitle, ReferenceURI; Gazetteer: ADD ExternalNameID, ExternalDatabaseID; GazetteerExternalDatabase noch testen
    • Version 00.00.13: highresolutionimagepath - case insensitive and inclusion of ZSM pictures noch testen
  • Schema updates:
    • Version 14: CacheCollectionSpecimenProcessing: SpecimenPartID can be null noch testen
    • Version 15: CacheMetadata: new columun StableIdentifier noch testen
    • Version 16: Metadata - RecordURI if missing; PackageAddOn;
    • Version 17: Package - adding LogLastTransfer; noch testen
    • Version 18: CacheProjectAgent; Metadata - ProjectTitle if missing; CacheProjectReference - add URI noch testen
    • Version 19: Grant for CacheAdmin in Schema; setting ownership for tables to CacheAdmin noch testen
    • Version 20: CacheMetadata - RecordURI -> nvarchar(500) noch testen. C. Monje (E-mail 24.11.2017 13:56)
  • Packages
    • ABCD
      • Update to version 2: Redesign of the package. Please remove and insert the package again. Recreation of all objects, in parts as materialized view (M): abcd__latitude; abcd__longitude; ABCD__ReferenceRelators (1, 2, 3); ABCD__ProjectReference; ABCD_Metadata, ABCD_TechnicalContact; ABCD_ContentContact; ABCD_DatasetGUID; ABCD__RecordBasis_NoPart; ABCD__RecordBasis; ABCD__Kingdom; ABCD__1_Unit_Type_1; ABCD__2_Unit_Type; ABCD__1_MultiMediaObject_DisplayOrder; ABCD__2_MultiMediaObject_NonPart (M); ABCD__3_MultiMediaObject_Part (M); ABCD_MultiMediaObject; ABCD_MeasurementOrFact (M); ABCD_Unit (M); ABCD_Unit_Associations_UnitAssociation (M); ABCD__Country_ISO3166Code; ABCD_Unit_Gathering (M); ABCD_Unit_Gathering_Agents (M); ABCD_Unit_Gathering_Stratigraphy_ChronostratigraphicTerm (M); ABCD_Unit_Gathering_Stratigraphy_LithostratigraphicTerm (M); ABCD_Unit_SpecimenUnit (M); 10 functions for data transfer (for M) noch testen
      • Add-on
        • ABCD_Bayernflora, version 2: ABCD__BayernFlora_EndangeredSpeciesBase; ABCD__BayernFlora_EndangeredSpeciesNameID; ABCD__BayernFlora_EndangeredSpeciesEventID; ABCD__BayernFlora_WrongStatusUnitID; function abcd__UnitPart: Without those with wrong status; function abcd__UnitNoPart: Without those with wrong status; function abcd__Unit_Associations_UnitAssociation: Without those with wrong status; function abcd__Unit_Gathering: Endangered species without locality text noch testen, M. Ruff
    • GUC
      • Update to version 6
      • removed from packages
    • Observation: Update to version 2
    • FloraRaster
      • Update to version 2: Redesign of the package. Please remove and insert the package again. Complete redesign

Planned features:

  • Several sampling plots for one event (M. Ruff)
  • Extension of PK of table CollectionEventProperty to enable entry of several items from the same terminology (M. Ruff)
  • Extension of PK of table IdentificationUnitAnalysis to enable bulk insert (D. Neumann)
  • Marking image areas getestet, email V. Sanz 11.10.2017 16:36 (V. Sanz, 26.7.2017)
  • Transfer of software settings in DiversityWorkbench settings A. Rosenbauer, E-mail 19.10.2017 16:22
  • Transaction: Inserting local files as documents ToDo, V. Sanz 6.11.2017
  • Inclusion of webservice Gfbio-Terminology ToDo
  • Default for resources directory set to HOME noch testen (P. Grobe)
  • Removing of database users without a valid login Noch testen, Manual - Login administration
  • Spreadsheet
    • Language and context noch testen
    • Remove columns that are filled via trigger, e.g. CollectionDate V. Sanz, Email 24.10.2017 18:02
    • Button to switch of the automatic rescan of the data after a change in a single field M. Ruff Feedback 2/1/2018 10:36 AM
    • Distribution map:
      • Selection of objects via a predefined geometry (M. Ruff)
      • Enable deselection within the selection frame (M. Ruff)
    • TK25
      • including Maps OK, M. Ruff Feedback 07.12.2017 08:55
      • including Filter OK, M. Ruff Feedback 07.12.2017 08:55
      • Filter for links to taxa including Hierachy, Synonymy and the combiniation OK, M. Ruff Feedback
      • Filter for links to taxa including Hierachy, Synonymy and the combiniation for several taxa TODO, M. Ruff Feedback 11.01.2018 10:40
      • nur damit ich es nicht vergesse. Bisher wird nur das Jahr von für die Darstellung in den Quadranten berücksicht. Korrekter wäre es, wenn er den Mittelwert aus Jahr von und bis nimmt. TODO, M. Ruff Feedback 1/24/2018 8:14
      • Distribution map:
        • Selection via distribution map OK M. Ruff)
        • Setting symbols for a distribution map OK (M. Ruff)
        • Preset background map for a distribution map OK M. Ruff)
        • Explanation for map symbols and colors as separate window (Legend) OK(M. Ruff)

  • Analysis
    • Setting parent if missing (A. Jandl, Feedback 21.01.2018 18:56)
  • Import wizard
    • Selection of imported data in main form C. Dalitz 26.10.2017
    • Sprachen werden meist mit großen Anfangsbuchstaben geschrieben G. Rambold 15.10.2018 16:57
    • CopyPrevious - beim Merging wird e.g. Event von leeren Zeilen zusammengefasst, nicht aber Originalzeile integriert (s. Tutorial 2). Test funktioniert nur wenn vorher Originalzeile getestet wurde - Hinweis ins Manual einbauen.
    • Transformation: Filter transformation übernimmt Werte mit CopyPrevious nicht (s. Tutorial - Habitat Spalte 2 von 3 in Original)
    • Sprachen werden meist mit großen Anfangsbuchstaben geschrieben A. Link 15.02.2018 16:57
  • Table editor
    • Removal of values linked to lookup tables V. Sanz, Email 30.10.2017 12:52
  • Transaction
    • Creation of balance according to administrating collection V. Sanz, Email 8.11.2017 14:43
  • Maintenance
    • Selection of single datasets for insert of retrieval type email V. Sanz 26.10.2017 11:24
    • Regulations with end date in query email V. Sanz, 26.10.2017 15:59
    • Entering regulation hints e.g according the Nagoya protocol noch testen, Manual: Maintenance regulations
    • Inserting regulations, bugfix email V. Sanz, 26.10.2017 15:59
    • Inserting regulations, bugfix email V. Sanz, 27.10.2017 13:20
    • Inserting TK25 for WGS84 coordinates - buttons for (de-)selection of datasets email V. Sanz, 27.10.2017 15:29
    • Inserting retrieval type - buttons for (de-)selection of datasets and selection of single datasets email V. Sanz, 26.10.2017 11:24
    • Finding coordinates outside an area email V. Sanz, 26.10.2017 12:26 (Manual: Maintenance event coordinates)
    • General function combining all tasks, generating reports, allowing selective inclusion etc. ToDo
    • Source for Nagoya protocol countries changed from Gazetteer to local available countries noch testen (D. Neumann, 25.1.2018)
    • Es wäre auch gut eine Möglichkeit zu haben, alles "übrig gebliebene" zu finden, also alle Agents die keine URI haben. Das wäre auch sehr hilfreich für andere Bereiche, wie beim Abgleich mit Gazetteers. sonst weiss man nie so genau, was noch fehlt ToDo M. Ruff, 14.2.2018 10:11
    • Agents: Könnte man hier noch erweitern, dass man auch nach nur Nachname abgleichen kann. Mann müsste dann ggf. auswählen können, bei mehreren identischen Nachnamen. ToDo M. Ruff, 14.2.2018 9:55
  • Display of images in form for remote module information, e.g. to display specimens of handwriting of collectors C. Dalitz 26.10.2017
  • Enable Copy & Paste for coordinates of units W. Diewald, Feedback 30.10.2017 8:38
  • Template for locality and habitat W. Diewald, Feedback 30.10.2017 8:28
  • Display ID for all remote modules C. Dalitz, Feedback 04.12.2017 7:56
  • History
    • History for collection events in form for collection events email V. Sanz, 27.10.2017 14:49
    • History for collection event series in form for collection event series email V. Sanz, 27.10.2017 14:49
  • CacheDB
    • Inclusion of new table ProjectAgentRole in transfer (replaces column AgentRole in table ProjectAgent) D. Triebel, T. Weibulat
    • Transfer of packages - button should not start directly. Either open selection for transfersteps (1 package) or warning that all packages will be transferred T. Weibulat, 19.2.2018

E-mail W. Reichert 02.03.2018 14:35

  • Sprache der Länderliste für CountryCache auswaehlbar machen
  • Beim Datenexport nach einem Portal Übersetzungsmechanismus des Ländernamens
  • Gesetzte Länderliste löschen
  • Cross database query for properties, e.g. list all spiders in Collection with Biotoptyp "Buchenwald" assigned in Sampling Plots (Request from SMNK, F.Raub / T.Stierhof)
  • Schema updates
  • Packages
    • ABCD
      • Update to version 3: ABCD_Unit: The original view including a UNION was to slow for BioCASE; functions abcd__Unit_RemoveIndices, abcd__Unit_AddingIndices, abcd__Unit, ABCD_Unit - adaption to new table

Wünsche Stuttgart: ( A. Jandl, Feedback 1/22/2018 17:51)

  • Die Zuordnung zu den MaterialCategories ist wenig nutzerfreundlich. Aus einer Liste, die aufklappt, muss ich jede einzelne MatCat anklicken.
  • Schöner wäre es wie bei Analysis, wo eine Auswahlliste erscheint, in der ich für die Auswahl Häkchen setzen kann.
  • Was ebenfalls nicht nutzerfreundlich ist, ist die Größe der Fenster für die Anzeigen MatCat und Project. Sie umfassen 3 Zeilen, können nicht vergrößert werden. Bei der Vielzahl unserer Projekte wäre das Vergrößern der Felder hilfreich.Gilt auch für Analysis.
  • Weiteres Manko: Die Werte werden nicht alphabetisch dargestellt. (Evtl. nach ID?). Das ist für die Verwaltung sehr schwierig. Gilt auch für Analysis.
  • Desweiteren können nicht alle Projekte oder MatCategories auf einen Schlag ausgewählt werden, so wie es bei Analysis möglich ist (projects, TaxaGroup).
  • Verbesserungsvorschlag: Beim Processing in DivColl ist das Datum bei der Auswahl schwer erkennbar - zumindest auf meinem Rechner. Hellblaues Datum auf dunkelblauem Grund ist ein, für mich, sehr schlechter Kontrast. (Januar 2018 ist für mich nicht lesbar, erst durch Screenshot mit Vergrößerung). Den dunkelblauen Hintergrund durch eine hellere Farbe ersetzen?
  • Query Felder fuer Transaction: A. Jandl, Feedback 1/31/2018 10:56 AM
    • logcreatedby, logcreatedwhen, logupdatedby, logupdatedwhen
    • Admin.Coll (mehrfache Felder)
    • IDIdentifyer (Art der Nummer, Feldinhalt)
    • Agents (Rolle der Person, Name)
    • Payments (Art der Zahlung, Wert, Einheit)
  • Berenzung Feldlaengen A. Jandl, Feedback 12.03.2018 10:59
  • Wird in das Feld Problems (Bereich Organism) ein Text kopiert, der länger als 255 ? Zeichen ist und wird dann gespeichert, dann wird
    • 1) nach dem Speichern der entsprechende rechte Inhalt nicht mehr angezeigt (er muss erst durch Klick auf Accession Nr wieder eingeblendet werden, wobei ab und zu auch der Inhalt gleich wieder dargestellt wird. Es ist für mich nicht nachvollziehbar wann der Inhalt dargestellt wird und wann nicht)
    • 2) Der zu lange Text ohne Warnung nicht übernommen.
    • Sehr problematisch wird es, wenn Texte ergänzt werden und dann über die Feldlänge hinaus geschrieben wird.
    • Wenn ohne Warnung der Text abgeschnitten wird und der User hier nicht genau kontrolliert, gehen Daten verloren. Datenverluste kann ich niemandem vermitteln.
    • Bitte Hinweis auf zu langen Feldinhalt bei allen begrentzten Feldern einbauen.

Wünsche Karlsruhe: ( T. Stierhof, E-mail 21. November 2017 14:31)

  • Event methods
    • Statt Methods sollte es Methods and circumstances heißen.
    • Unter value brauchen wir ein Notes-Feld, in dem der Bearbeiter eine Begründung für seine Einstufung abgeben soll. In DB eingebaut. Einbau in Client steht noch aus
    • Der ganze Bereich von Methods ist derzeit zu schmal resp. niedrig und durch Ziehen verändert man nur die Notes darüber bzw. den Bereich Sammelort/Verbatim/Habitat darunter. Die beiden benötigen aber eigentlich nur wenig Höhe, ganz im Gegensatz zum Bereich Methods. Da sollte man nicht nach zwei Zeilen schon scrollen müssen.
    • Es gibt beim Anlegen von Method, Parameter und Value jeweils eine Description, die aber nur mit Admin-Rechten einsehbar ist. Die müsste für alle Nutzer sichtbar sein, entweder als je ein Feld (mit der Description zum gerade blau unterlegten Listeneintrag) oder als Popup beim Darüberziehen des Cursors.


  • Database login linked to commitment
  • Change from UserName to ID
  • Inclusion of script generation in database tools noch testen

DiversityDescriptions - Manual

Download the Manual a (zip archive), 2017/12/22

Updated contents: "Desciptor applicability", "Descriptor tree editing", "Description editing"

Modified contents:

  • Menu
  • Export SDD/DELTA
  • Export questionnaires
  • Import questionnaire data
  • Maintenance

New contents:

  • Maintenance - Clean empty scopes
  • Translations


Download the Client software (zip archive), planned for 2018/03/?? (Database 3.0.19)

New features and fixes:

  • Grid views:
    • New column edit function in description grid view
  • Document generator:
    • All text documents no generated in UTF-8 coding without BOM
  • Data export:
    • All text documents no generated in UTF-8 coding without BOM
    • All XML documents no generated in UTF-8 coding without BOM
  • Maintenance:
    • New function "Clean desription data"
  • Error corrections:
    • Miscellaneous error corrections

Download the special version for access to the taxon quiz database client software e (zip archive), 2015/11/20 (Database 3.0.10 "Quiz")

New features and fixes:

  • Enhanced form "Set taxon links"
  • Prevent changes in scope table for proxy links to avoid interference with quiz application
  • New form "Set taxon links" to supply quiz related data
  • SDD import restores original resource/resource variant structure


Download the DiversityExsiccatae k.zip (zip archive), 2018/01/22

New features and fixes:

  • Sending feedback: Bugfix OK (D. Triebel, 20.8.2017)
  • Display of images from foreign sources OK (D. Triebel, 20.8.2017)
  • Image without automatic adaption OK (D. Triebel, 20.8.2017)
  • Image folder removed noch testen (D. Triebel, 22.8.2017)
  • Tools for database included noch testen
  • Description for database included noch testen

Planned features:

  • Remove of function to ignore leading space signs of wrong entered image paths, because web portal needs exact path noch testen (D. Triebel, 22.1.2018)
Database updates:
  • Version 02.00.04: Remove ExsiccataExamplesAccess; UserProxy - according to EU-DSGVO; UserProxy - filling with data; trgDelExsiccata - according to EU-DSGVO; trgUpdExsiccata - according to EU-DSGVO; Setting the ID as new value for LogUpdatedBy etc. according to EU-DSGVO






Download the Client software k (zip archive), 2018/02/21

New features and fixes:

  • Integration of table editors for keywords, label and resources OK (T. Weibulat) TableEditor mit ProjectID (anstatt Projectname) schwer nutzbar, siehe Feedback vom 19.02.2018
  • Button for opening resources OK (W. Reichert)
  • Button for adding web resources OK (W. Reichert)
  • GFBio Metadata Ingestion Tool indicating import behaviour OK (T. Weibulat)
  • Project - Interface for other modules testing existence of stable identifier base noch testen (T. Weibulat - ?was ist gemeint?)
  • Bugfix starting application noch testen (B. Klasen, E-mail 26.1.2018 11:04)
  • Bugfix opening resource files (missing dll) OK (W. Reichert)
  • Setting the notes for Identifier noch testen (B. Klasen, E-mail 21.2.2018 11:50)
  • GFBio import:
    • New implementation using JavaScriptSerialize instead of handmade JSON parsing. OK (W. Reichert)
    • ProjectLabels are now extracted from the single comma-separated JIRA text line. OK (W. Reichert)
    • ProjectKeywords are now filled from JIRA categories (extracted from the single comma-separated JIRA text line). OK (W. Reichert)
    • ProjectLicense - LicenseURI is now preliminarily set fix to CC BY 3.0 LicenseURI. Update: LicenseURI is set according to selected License + Version Number 4.0! OK (W. Reichert)
    • ProjectSettings: Multiple values for MetadataDescription or LegalRestrictions will be numbered now (added index). OK (W. Reichert)
    • ProjectLicense - Holder and IPR as User defined values. OK (W. Reichert)
    • Identifier - Checking for availibility of type and inclusion of type OK (W. Reichert)
    • Check if name of the project already exists OK (T. Weibulat)
    • Import agent role in separate table OK (T. Weibulat)
    • Block import after import for the current data is finished OK (T. Weibulat)
    • Ignoring settings with missing values noch testen (B. Klasen)
    • Check for missing settings OK (B. Klasen)
    • Inclusion of URL for GFBioIssueID noch testen (B. Klasen, E-mail 21.2.2018 12:02)

Database updates

  • Database update to version 2.1.13: ProjectReference - ReferenceTitle -> nvarchar(500); ProjectKeyword (+ log, trigger); ProjectReference: new description for IsCitation OK
  • Database update to version 2.1.14: ProjectAgentRole (+ log, trigger); Transfer of data into new table OK
  • Database update to version 2.1.15: ProjectDefinition and ViewProject: removing missing columns OK
  • Database update to version 2.1.16: Submitter as new role for agents OK

Planned features:

  • Saving changes in data - bugfix (T. Weibulat, Feedback 18.07.2016)
  • Setting resources directory getestet, email V. Sanz 24.10.2017 17:07; Manual: Directory for resources
  • Publication of database scheme and ER model of DP, see under Information models, attention DOI compliance!
Database updates
  • Database update to version 2.1.15: Remove column AgentRole from triggers in ProjectAgent; Remove column AgentRole from ProjectAgent; Remove obsolet columns from table Project and triggers; Project_Core: remove obsolet columns; ProjectHierarchy - removing obsolet columns; ProjectChildNodes - removing obsolet columns; Remove obsolete columns function dbo.ProjectParents; Noch testen
  • Database tools
  • Database description

</div> </div>


Download the Client software b (zip archive), 2018/01/16

New features and fixes:

  • Error message after failed update OK (A. Jandl, 15.01.2018 16:20)
  • ConflictOption.OverwriteChanges for update commands OK (A. Jandl, 16.01.2018 16:57)



Download the DiversitySamplingPlots application (zip archive), 2018/01/16

New features and fixes:

  • Added functionality in database query of SamplingPlots addressing the properties of plots: list all plots which have the requested properties plus all plots without these property, but upper hierarchy plots have them. (Request from SMNK, F. Raub / T. Stierhof)
Download the DiversitySamplingPlots application (zip archive), 2018/01/22

New features and fixes:

  • Added functionality in database query in SamplingPlots addressing the property hierarchy, e.g. list all plots which have an upper hierarchy property containing "woodland" (Request from SMNK, F. Raub / T. Stierhof)


Planned features

Planned features:

  • Implement hierarchy search in ScientificTerms module like in SamplingPlots, e.g. search "woodland" only in properties of current hierarchy level or below (Request from SMNK, F. Raub / T. Stierhof)


Download the Client software e (zip archive), 2017/12/20

New features and fixes:

  • Adding analysis - Bugfix OK: T. Stierhof (3.11.2017)
  • Display of analysis value description - Bugfix OK: T. Stierhof (3.11.2017)
  • Marking of duplicates in main form noch testen: B. Quast (E-mail 19.10.2017 15:28)
  • Detection of duplicates in maintenace noch testen: B. Quast (E-mail 19.10.2017 15:28)
  • Deleting entries in analysis - Bugfix OK: T. Stierhof (E-mail 9.11.2017 14:35)
  • Setting parent of analysis - Bugfix OK: T. Stierhof (E-mail 29.11.2017 13:41)
  • Showing description of analysis - Bugfix Noch testen: T. Stierhof
  • Editing notes of analysis category - Bugfix Noch testen: T. Stierhof
  • Display of analysis entries sorted Noch testen: T. Stierhof
  • Table editor for analysis Noch testen: T. Stierhof
  • Export wizard for analysis Noch testen: T. Stierhof

Planned features:

  • Test for duplicates for Taxa in import wizard B. Quast, Email 19.10.2017 16:22
  • Spreadsheet for TaxonName noch testen
  • Die Suchfunktion nach "Hierarchy missing" klappt nicht so richtig - es kommen lauter Ergebnisse von Taxa, bei denen eine Hierarchie doch vorhanden is E-mail H. Boyle, 07.02.2018 00:24
  • History restoring deleted data including restriction of timerange noch testen