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Unless otherwise stated, these works are licensed under the Creative Commons attribution-share-alike open source license.


All material published on this collaboration platform is the property of the contributing authors and fully copyrighted.

CC-somerights20.png Creative Commons license (by-sa 3.0)

By choosing this way of publication, the contributing authors have agreed to license the work under a Creative Commons License permitting reproduction, distribution, commercial use, and derivative works, requiring attribution, notice, and share-alike.

These rules are roughly equivalent to the various open source licenses under which open source software (e. g., Linux under Wikipedia:GPL) are created. The aim of this Wiki is to collaborate and build on the works of each other by continually improving the body of scientific knowledge. This requires giving each other reciprocal licenses to modify the work ("create derivative works"), or the copyright of the first author would prevent any later improvement. By requiring that derivative works must follow the same license rules ("share-alike") any improvements are in turn available to anyone.