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Color code for accessibility

no_restrictions there are no restrictions to access this entity
read_only the access is limited to read only
inapplicable the entity is inapplicable

Color code for determination

user_defined the value can be defined by the user
service_link the value represents a link to a module
calculated the value is calculated by the system e.g. from other entries

Table: Analysis

Analysis types used within the database

Column Data type Description
AnalysisID int ID of the analysis (Primary key)
AnalysisParentID int Analysis ID of the parent analysis if it belongs to a certain type documented in this table
DisplayText nvarchar (50) Name of the analysis as e.g. shown in user interface
Description nvarchar (MAX) Description of the analysis
MeasurementUnit nvarchar (50) The measurement unit used for the analysis, e.g. mm, µmol, kg
Notes nvarchar (MAX) Notes concerning this analysis
AnalysisURI varchar (255) URI referring to an external documentation of the analysis
OnlyHierarchy bit If the entry is only used for the hierarchical arrangement of the entries
DefaultValue: (0)
LogCreatedWhen datetime The time when this dataset was created
DefaultValue: getdate()
LogCreatedBy nvarchar (50) Who created this dataset
DefaultValue: user_name()
LogUpdatedWhen datetime The last time when this dataset was updated
DefaultValue: getdate()
LogUpdatedBy nvarchar (50) Who was the last to update this dataset
DefaultValue: user_name()
RowGUID uniqueidentifier
DefaultValue: newsequentialid()

Footnotes: The following conventions and abbreviations have been used in the tables: Columns of primary key:underlined