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Alternative labels:
Input data as comma separated list
Is defined by:
The authoritative definition of the concept. This property may indicate an RDF vocabulary, a PDF in which a resource is described. Name of local page or http-URL. It is not the URI.
URI (NS-URI definition pages)
Normally the preferred namespace URI is set on a concept scheme page. (TODO add link to Help page) changeNote (MediaWiki:Smw import skos)
Warning: Conflicting URIs Warning icon.svg

The namespace URI that is based on the SMW-import-page MediaWiki:Smw import skos (used, e.g. for RDF export) has no matching namespace prefix and namespace URI definition on the concept scheme page; please add one!

Concept type:
The semantic web distinguishes between different kinds of concepts (class, property, instance/value, etc.) You can create concepts and leave this decision open (select "undecided"). Another worker can then add the information at a later time.
Details: Issued, Modified, Replaced by, Hidden Notes …
The status of a vocabulary term, expressed as a short symbolic string; known values include e.g. 'deprecated' or 'stable'
Replaced by:
A concept that supplants, displaces, or supersedes the present concept.
A concept that is supplanted, displaced, or superseded by the present concept.
Hidden notes:

Scheme membership

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