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This page provides a simple browsing interface for finding entities described by a property and a named value. Other available search interfaces include the page property search, and the ask query builder.

Search by property

A list of all pages that have property "dc:description" with value "The collections where the specimen are stored". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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List of results

  • dwbD:SamplingUnit  + (Sampling unit data)
  • dwbD:Project AvailableScope  + (Scope values available for a certain project)
  • dwbD:OtherScope  + (Scope values for description scope values for scope types "Other scope", "Part", "Stage" and "Sex")
  • dwbD:DescriptorTreeNodeRecFrequency  + (Selection of recommended frequency values for descriptor tree parts or single descriptors)
  • dwbD:DescriptorTreeNodeRecModifier  + (Selection of recommended modifier values for descriptor tree parts or single descriptors)
  • dwbD:DescriptorTreeNodeRecStatMeasure  + (Selection of recommended statistical measures for descriptor tree parts or single descriptors)
  • dwbP:ProjectSetting  + (Settings of a project)
  • dwbTN:TaxonAcceptedName  + (TaxonAcceptedName contains the accepted na
    TaxonAcceptedName contains the accepted names ("valid or preferred taxon names"). For each project, a name in "TaxonName" may either be accepted (a corresponding record in "TaxonAcceptedName" exists) or not. Examples for not accepted names are synonyms of accepted names and nomenclaturally rejected names.
    names and nomenclaturally rejected names.)
  • dwbTN:TaxonCommonName  + (TaxonCommonName contains the common names that are assigned to a scientific name.)
  • dwbTN:TaxonGeography  + (TaxonGeography is containing the information about the geographic distribution according to the protologue.)
  • dwbTN:TaxonHierarchy  + (TaxonHierarchy contains information about
    TaxonHierarchy contains information about the hierarchical position of the taxa. For each project, a name may be referred to a single parent taxon. The attribute "NameParentID" may, however, be Null, in which case "HierarchyPositionIsUncertain" should be true.
    rarchyPositionIsUncertain" should be true.)
  • dwbTN:TaxonName  + (TaxonName is the nomenclatural information
    TaxonName is the nomenclatural information. Most items are expected to be undisputed nomenclatural facts. Some data items include editorial opinion (nomenclatural status, but also the accepted spelling which may involve orthographical or grammatical corrections as required by ICBN). However, it is expected that within a project agreement can be achieved on the information contained in TaxonName, i.e. collaborators can "correct" information without consultation.
    correct" information without consultation.)
  • dwbTN:TaxonNameExternalDatabase  + (TaxonNameExternalDatabase document the sources of the names.)
  • dwbTN:TaxonNameExternalID  + (TaxonNameExternalID document the source of a name together with the ID of the source.)
  • dwbTN:TaxonNameProject  + (TaxonNameProject documents the projects of the names and provides access to the data.)
  • dwbTN:TaxonSynonymy  + (TaxonSynonymy contains names, which are sy
    TaxonSynonymy contains names, which are synonym to other names. Here a single name may be a synonym of multiple accepted names ("pro parte synonym"). The "pro parte" or corresponding sensu information is captured in the "ConceptSuffix" attribute, which is part of the primary key.
    tribute, which is part of the primary key.)
  • dwbD:BaseEntity  + (The BaseEntity is used within the database to provide unique keys)
  • dwbA:AgentExternalID  + (The ID's of data that were imported from foreign souces)
  • dwbP:ProjectLicense  + (The Licenses within a project)
  • dwbC:IdentificationUnitAnalysis  + (The analysis values taken from an organism resp. object)
  • dwbTN:TaxonNameListArea  + (The area defined for the whole taxon list)
  • dwbD:CategoricalSummaryData  + (The categorical data of a description)
  • dwbD:CategoricalSamplingData  + (The categorical data recorded for a sampling event)
  • dwbD:CategoricalState  + (The categorical states available for categorical descriptors)
  • dwbTN:TaxonNameListCollectionSpecimen  + (The collection specimens on which the taxon list is based)