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DWB components © SNSB IT Center

Technical documentation at a glance

General Download Notes

How to create a personal local DWB environment

DWB software in

Diversity Workbench core applications, databases and rich clients

Regular software releases are available for download under the respective application.

For downloads of beta versions check DWB clients for beta testing.

Browser-based web interface implementations on DWB databases at SNSB

Machine-readable webservices on DWB databases at SNSB

DWB Services at SNSB, SMNS, ZFMK and GWDG for data management and data publication

Diversity Mobile Services

DiversityNaviKey Services

Diversity Workbench source code repositories and software versioning

Diversity Workbench software is open source and free for collaborative projects.

  • The DWB Services source code, especially concerning DiversityMobile and DWB contributions, e.g. schemas for data import, export and printing labels, is managed and documented in the

Diversity Workbench software implementations in compliance with regulations and directives

Historical Diversity Workbench prototypes

  • DiversityModelDocumenter. This is a separate tool used in combination with the Microsoft Access prototype to automate the creation of documentation and information models.

See also Related Software.

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