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DWB components © SNSB IT Center

Introduction and Overview

Persons for first contact

  • Dagmar Triebel, Bavarian Natural History Collections with the SNSB IT Center München.


  • Dagmar Triebel, Bavarian Natural History Collections with the SNSB IT Center München.

Past co-editor


DWB editors and staff employed for DWB database concept modelling as well as DWB software engineering (mainly done in C#)

1999– Gregor Hagedorn (software development, database modelling)

1999– Gerhard Rambold (database modelling, workflows)

1999– Dagmar Triebel (database modelling, workflows)

2000–2002 Matthias Burhenne (software development)

2000–2002 Tom Gräfenhan (software development)

2000– Markus Weiss (software development, database modelling)

2003–2006 Andreas Kohlbecker (software development)

2008–2018 Bernhard Volz (software development, database modelling)

2009–2013 Tobias Schneider (software development)

2009– Wolfgang Reichert (software development)

2012– Anton Link (software development)

2012–2017 Georg Rollinger (software development)

2019– Ariane Grunz (software development, WebApp)

2006– domain experts and data scientists of the SNSB IT Center (professional long-term beta-testing of DWB software)

Contributors from outside the DWB initiative

About the Diversity_Workbench (DWB)

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Suggested Citation

Triebel, D.; Hagedorn, G. & Rambold, G. (eds.) 1999 onwards. Diversity Workbench – A virtual research environment for building and accessing biodiversity and environmental data. – http://www.diversityworkbench.net.

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