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The roles for relators (authors, editors, etc.) supported in DiversityReferences 2.0 are based on the namespace (the namespace is resolvable; as of 2006-11 it was available at; as of 2008-09 this URL is not resolvable any more). For example, the enumerated code “aut” for author corresponds to The DublinCore Agents group is considering using the same codes (see, but as of 2004/6 the DublinCore Agents subgroup did not yet agree on a Creator/Contributor refinement as qualified.

aut Author A person or corporate body chiefly responsible for the intellectual or artistic content of a work. This term may also be used when more than one person or body bears such responsibility.
edt Editor A person who prepares for publication a work not primarily his/her own, such as by elucidating text, adding introductory or other critical matter, or technically directing an editorial staff.
cre Creator in general A person or corporate body responsible for the intellectual or artistic content of a work. The more specific type Author (aut) or Editor (edt) should be preferred.
ill Illustrator The person who conceives, and perhaps also implements, a design or illustration, usually to accompany a written text.
pht Photographer The person or organization responsible for taking photographs, whether they are used in their original form or as reproductions.
ctb Contributor in general Someone whose work has been contributed to a larger work, such as an anthology, serial publication, or other compilation of individual works. Do not use for someone whose sole function in relation to a work is as author, editor, compiler or translator.
trl Translator A person who renders a text from one language into another, from an older form of a language into the modern form, or from one audience-specific representation to one appropriate for another audience.
trc Transcriber A person who prepares a handwritten or typewritten copy from original material, including from dictated or orally recorded material.
clb Collaborator A person or corporate body that takes a limited part in the elaboration of a work of another person or corporate body that brings complements (e.g., appendices, notes) to the work.
col Collector A person who has brought together material from various sources, which has been arranged, described, and catalogued as a collection. The collector is neither the creator of the material nor the person to whom manuscripts in the collection may have been addressed.
crp Correspondent A person or organization who was either the writer or recipient of a letter or other communication.
prg Programmer A person or corporate body responsible for the creation and/or maintenance of computer program design documents, source code, and machine-executable digital files and supporting documentation.
rth Research team head The person or corporate body that directed or managed a research project.
rtm Research team member The person or corporate body that participated in a research project but whose role did not involve direction or management of it.
res Researcher The person or corporate body responsible for performing research.
sad Scientific advisor A person who brings scientific, pedagogical, or historical competence to the conception and realization on a work, particularly in the case of audio-visual items.
pfr Proofreader A person who corrects text (orthography, grammar).
mrk Markup editor The person or organization performing the coding of SGML, HTML, or XML markup of metadata, text, etc.
cmm Commentator A person who provides interpretation, analysis, or a discussion of the subject matter on a recording, motion picture, or other audiovisual medium.
rev Reviewer A person or corporate body responsible for the review of book, motion picture, performance, etc.
csl Consultant The person called upon for professional advice or services in a specialized field of knowledge or training.
sed Series editor An editor of a series (book series, etc.). Note: this type is not defined in MARC, but added for the purpose of importing ReferenceManager(TM) data.