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DWB components © SNSB IT Center

The DWB training environment at the SNSB IT Center includes the following 15 databases with data from real life biodiversity and geodiversity projects as well as with a number of terminologies, gazetteers and taxonomies which are useful as structural templates for creating new ontologies.

The bio- and geodiversity data and the nature science ontologies might be modified/ changed/ re-organised/ enriched/ deleted by users who have a common log-in. The content of the databases is set back to the initial state every half year or on request. The DWB training environment is available for your personal training purposes and is used to train the participants in the regular DWB workshops.

Access data to the DWB training environment

  • IP-Adresse: training.diversityworkbench.de
  • Port: 5432
  • SQL-Server authentification
  • User: WORKSHOP
  • Password: available on request

Please contact Tanja Weibulat as reference person for DWB user within the GFBio initiative.


  • project: Copy of BSMcollectors (version for training; content outdated)


  • projects:
    • Copy of BSMwohlfcoll (water colours; version for training; content outdated)
    • DWBbarcodingcoll: Single examplary units (= records, = “datasets sensu DC“) from GBOL and ZSM barcoding projects
    • DWBmonitoringcoll: 18 examplary units (observation records) from monitoring projects
    • DWBsamplescoll: 46 examplary units (specimen or sample records)




(not part of the regular training schedule!)

  • no projects: copy from the productive database (version for training; content outdated)


  • projects:
    • LfUnaturraumBYhegaz (Landesamt für Umweltschutz, Naturräume Bayern, Haupteinheiten)
    • LfUnaturraumBYeigaz (Landesamt für Umweltschutz, Naturräume Bayern, Einheiten)
    • LfUnaturraumBYuegaz (Landesamt für Umweltschutz, Naturräume Bayern, Untereinheiten)
    • DTK25BYgaz (Digitale Topographische Karte Bayern, 1:25.000)
    • BKG2001GN250gaz (geographische Namen 250.000er Karte, Bundesamt für Kartographie und Geodäsie)
    • DTK25DEgaz (Digitale Topographische Karte Deutschland, 1:25.000)


  • 113 projects, including a lot of TaxRef lists


  • project:
    • GBIFmyxlit: copy from the productive database (version for training; content outdated)


  • projects:
    • IBFmergplots: 9 vector shapes with metadata of excursion areas of O. Mergenthaler
    • SMNKspiderplots: 579 vector shapes with hierarchically structured metadata and additional information (Exposition, Höhe, etc.) from SMNK


  • terminologies (version for training; content outdated)
    • Chronostratigraphy
    • European Nature Information System (EUNIS)
    • Geographic regions
    • Lebensraumtypen
    • Lithostratigraphy
    • Pflanzengesellschaften


  • project:
    • DGfMnames (version for training; content outdated)
  • list:
    • TaxRef_DGfM_Fungi_DE


  • project:
    • GBOLnames (version for training; content outdated)
  • list
    • TaxRef_GBOL_Auchenorrhyncha_DE


(not part of the regular training schedule!)

  • projects
    • GBIFnomenmyx (version for training; content outdated)
  • no lists


  • projects:
    • BFLnames (version for training; content outdated)
    • GBOLnames (version for training; content outdated)
  • lists:
    • TaxRef_BFL_VPlants
    • TaxRef_GBOL_Mosses_DE


  • project:
    • GBOLnames (version for training; content outdated)
  • lists:
    • TaxRef_GBOL_Pisces_DE

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