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  • Artenquiz Naturgucker.de: three quiz in German: common birds of Germany, common butterflies of Germany, selected butterflies of Germany

The information model of DiversityDescriptions_Quiz is a clone of DiversityDescriptions 3.00.10. July 17th, 2014 and documented under DiversityDescriptions Quiz (Artenquiz). The two implementations (for Naturgucker.de and Flora von Bayern) are done in close cooperation with the Biowikifarm. Technical documentation in detail see under Artenquiz documentation. The underlying MS SQL database Version 3.0.10 for the Artenquiz of the Flora von Bayern is available for download under Diversity Workbench Software --> DiversityDescriptions. A module to import matrix data in the Django application Artenquiz is described under http://biowikifarm.net/meta/Import_description_matrix_(Artenquiz).