DiversityDescriptions on Japanese Computers

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It can be difficult to run Microsoft Access programs based on VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) on Japanese or Chinese computers. One example for such a program is DeltaAccess/DiversityDescriptions. The problem is caused by the VBA-code being interpreted as a double-byte character set (e. g. Japanese Shift-JIS). Whenever a character between 129 and 255 (the upper half of the ANSI code space) is encountered in the VBA-code, it is interpreted as a Japanese character, often “consuming” the following character as the second part of a double-byte character. Unfortunately, the result is not only locally unreadable text, but because later characters are deleted, the code can usually not be compiled at all. The resulting errors varies from not starting the application at all to switching into code view and highlighting code errors when executing certain operations.

Solution: On a Japanese computer, the following was found to be successful:

  • Go to “Control Panel” (コントロールパネル), Go to “Language settings” (地域と言語のオプション), go to the last tab (管理), press ...(システムロケールの変更), English(英語)