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DiversityMobile – Identification Units © SNSB IT Center
DiversityMobile – Taxonlists © SNSB IT Center
DiversityMobile © SNSB IT Center

DiversityMobile is an app for biologists, ecologists and citizen scientists being experienced in recording observation data in nature. Data may be directly entered into the smartphone database which follows the Diversity Workbench information model. Mechanisms of automated recording and storage of GPS data and the manual recording of multimedia data are included. During that process there is no need to be online. The DM virtual environment covers a synchronisation tool and several web services for bidirectional data transfer with an institutional data repository.


  • Recording of research data and metadata with automatic inclusion of GPS data
  • Recording of multimedia data (images, audio, video)
  • Data transfer from and to an institutional data repository for research data via Wi-Fi
    • with web services installed for download standardised pick lists with names of organisms, geographic maps and already available metadata of individual research projects
    • with web services installed for upload research data to the data repository

The usage of DiversityMobile is confined to scientists involved in research projects. Accounts are set up project-specific (please contact SNSB IT Center). For more information on services see DiversityMobile Wiki.


Online Manual

Short instructions and manuals are provided as pdf files under DiversityMobile User Manuals WP.


Current version

Attention: Upgrade to version 1.0 from any of the previously published versions is supported and should not result in data loss.

However, as a precaution: Upload any data that is not yet transmitted to DiversityCollection, if possible. Optionally, make a backup of your Phone before applying the update. Users of version 0.9.9 may also take a snapshot of their data and upload that to OneDrive (Settings -> '...' -> Import/Export -> '+' -> upload).

New features and fixes in v
Data Migration from previous Versions
Stability Improvements
Some UI Improvements
Improved Error handling during interactions with the online Services (Upload/Download/Taxa/Maps)
We now display a warning before restoring a snapshot because this action might cause data loss
Improved the reliability of Location Information Acquisition
We now exclude Specimen without attached IUs from being uploaded to prevent the automatically created Observation Specimen from cluttering up the database
Fixed an issue where the Location might be incorrectly displayed on a map
Fixed an issue where Location information for IUs was not uploaded correctly
Fixed an issue that prevented Location information from being included in downloaded data items
Fixed an issue when downloading Events with no EventSeries that lead to them not being shown
Fixed an issue that rendered the user unable to download multiple Events for a Series
Fixed an issue that caused the Upload of large Multimedia Files (> 4MB) to fail
Fixed an issue that prevented the recording of Videos
Fixed an issue that could cause the app to stop working when displaying a user notification

Previous versions
  • Software, October 29th, 2013
New features

New features and fixes: Changes / fixes in v.

- Null Reference on Service Exception when loading Taxon List

- Generate Meaningful Filenames for Multimedia during upload

- Unauthorized Cross Thread Access on the MapManagement Page

- Reset selected qualification for new IdentificationUnits

- Increase font size in Identification results list for better usability

- MediaService Error-Strings are not handled correctly

- Save newly captured images automatically

- Add an Admin Menu

- Make inserting a MultimediaObject twice a no-op

- Correctly resume Upload for MMOs

- Use Picture Library to Store Photos

- Enable Database upload to SkyDrive

  • The former implementation DiversityMobile WM (Version 1.03S) and the Installer for DiversitySynchronization are still available for testing, if you are a registered member of the IBF project (WM Test downloads).