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The Diversity Web Editor is a Silverlight application which can be accessed by an appropriate web browser (IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari) within MS Windows, Linux or Apple operating systems. It is designed for an easy and guided data management without installing Windows .NET client software on the local computer. A subset of the Diversity Workbench data can be viewed and edited on a grid basis.

The application is developed for the project "German Barcode of Life" (GBOL) and used as part of the web portal. The GBOL contributors have user- and project-specific rights and settings to manage their DWB data.

Note: You need connection parameters to access the DWB databases!


The application can be started under https://dwb.snsb.info/DiversityWebEditor/.

Online manual

The manual is provided as a pdf file:

  • German (version 0.0.6, September, 2012)
  • English version (coming soon)