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A generic introduction to importing a vocabulary into a Semantic MediaWiki system is given on Semantic MediaWiki Help:Import vocabulary. To import a vocabulary scheme into this term platform the following steps need to be done:

  1. creation of an SMW import page
  2. creation of a concept scheme page
  3. creation of a page for each concept (containing definition, translation, etc. of a concept)
  4. completion the SMW setup by creating either the corresponding property page or class page depending on the concept type

Each of these steps is further discussed below

Step 1: Set up the SMW Import Page

This first setup step, creating the import page in the MediaWiki namespace, is only possible for admin users. It only maps internal concepts to the external name space uri and enables SMW to resolve to externally defined vocabulary URIs (e.g. RDF export of local wiki pages). Semantic annontations and the SMW import page correspond as follows with ns being the locally defined namespace:

MediaWiki:Smw_import_ns maps imported concepts
Assign on a property or class/category page the the external concept to a local property or class by: [[Imported from::ns:conceptTerm]]
Use the property on a content page: [[ns:conceptTerm::some value]]

Normally templates code and forms should manage properties and their corresponding import properties, URIs etc. Then check if there is already an import page.

If there is no SMW import page yet for the vocabulary/concept scheme import, create the SMW import page. Concepts of Biorelations for instance use the locally defined namespace “biorel“, e.g. biorel:adjacent to (see also MediaWiki:Smw import biorel).

(The namespace prefix ns is used by SWM to identify the import URI of concepts)

Example of an import page (note the beginning spaces in front of the terms/concepts) …
http://name/space/uri/|[http://url/to/documentation Display text for doc-URL]

Step 2: Create Concept Scheme

Set the preferred namespace prefix from Step 1 for the concept scheme.


Technical note: Template: Concept scheme manages settings and data for a concept scheme.

Step 3: Add Concepts to the Wiki

Concepts in this Wiki have their own page (in article name space) for documentation, definition and translation. Those pages can be managed by the form below or on the concept page by clicking on tab “Edit with form”. If you create the page for the imported concept prefix it with ns (=locally defined name space) from above. Set also the “Scheme membership“ of a concept page in the form.


Technical note: Template: Concept manages settings and data for a concept.

Step 4 as final step can be done as well during editing a concept form: the item “Concept type” in the concept form provides a link to do step 4.

Step 4: Complete SWM Setup by Creating Corresponding Property or Class Page

For a concept to be used by SWM as property or class it is necessary to set up either a property or class/category page holding the information of [[Imported from::ns:conceptTerm]]. These informations are managed by templates and the forms below will assist you to set up those pages. Remember: only basic information necessary to SWM should be on these pages, detailed documentation, definition and translation is managed by the concept form in step 3 (or use the tab “Edit with form” on a concept page).

Depending on the type of the concept being imported there can exist only either a Property page or a Class page, not both of them.

Imported concept corresponds to a property:


a class/category:


Step 3 can also be done on a property page in the hidden box of “Editor tools”.

Summary: Semantic MediaWiki pages / Concept pages

This technical summary shows settings and corresponding pages necessary for Semantic MediaWiki on the left side. These are maintained by the group of administrator users and on the right side there are pages shown that can be managed or created by authors interested in contributing concept definitions, translations etc.

                                                                                                     ┌ {{Concept scheme}} page with  ─────────┐
                                                                                                     │ preferred namespace prefix=ns          │
                                                                                                     │ relates to the import of SMW           │

────────────────────────────────── Semantic MediaWiki settings ──────────────────────────────────    ┌─ {{Concept}} pages with detailed ──────┐
                                                                                                     │  documentation, translation,           │
┌ MediaWiki:Smw_import_ns page ──────────────────────────────┐                                       │  scheme and collection membership etc. │
│http://name/space/uri/|[http://url/to/docu Docu display]
│ comments|Type:Text                                            → Property:ns:comments                  ns:comments
│ metadataLanguage|Type:String                                  → Property:ns:metadataLanguage          ns:metadataLanguage
│ providerManagedID|Type:String                                 → Property:ns:providerManagedID         ns:providerManagedID
│ reviewer|Type:String                                          → Property:ns:reviewer                  ns:reviewer
│ reviewerComments|Type:Text                                    → Property:ns:reviewerComments          ns:reviewerComments
│ SomeClass|Category                                            → Class:ns:SomeClass                    ns:SomeClass
│ …                                                               (not Property:ns:SomeClass !)
│ …                                                                          ↓
└────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────┘  (these pages need to set property
                                                                 [[Imported from::ns:…]]
                                                                 to be exported by SMW’s
                                                                 RDF export correctly; this is set
                                                                 by template code)