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This page provides an overview of some other ontologies/vocabularies for reference and example. Terms from many of these vocabularies are imported to this demo Wiki for use when annotating terms, i.e., for describing the properties of a term (e.g., its definition using the SKOS term "skos:definition") or for re-use within another scheme, e.g., importing dc:creator from Dublin Core, instead of re-inventing an equivalent term. We can import terms from these external vocabularies by using a special wiki page starting with MediaWiki:Smw_import_ followed by the local namespace (eg. the vocabulary prefix). Next you create a Property page for one of the imported terms. To make the property equivalent with a property from an imported vocabulary, simply use [[imported_from::<local namespace for imported vocabulary>:<name of the imported term>]] eg. [[imported from::foaf:homepage]] or [[imported from::rdfs:seeAlso]]. Examples used here includes Property:Foaf:homepage and Property:Rdfs:seeAlso respectively. More details are available from SMW manual and BioWikiFarm.

World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)

Dublin Core (DCMI)

Darwin Core (DwC)

Here we will make an example including the description of the Darwin Core terms. These terms will be imported here to be mounted into the appropriate namespace (this will probably be the same for other vocabularies managed here...?).



Agents (people, institutes)

Bibliography, literature

Other ontologies/vocabularies

Imported vocabularies

Below you find vocabularies that are imported in the namespace MediaWiki using the import mechanism of SMW with MediaWiki:Smw_import_<local-import-prefix>. See also property: Imported from.

SMW import page
MediaWiki:Smw import biorel
MediaWiki:Smw import dc
MediaWiki:Smw import dcterms
MediaWiki:Smw import dwcattributes
MediaWiki:Smw import foaf
MediaWiki:Smw import owl
MediaWiki:Smw import rdf
MediaWiki:Smw import rdfs
MediaWiki:Smw import sioc
MediaWiki:Smw import skos
MediaWiki:Smw import vann
MediaWiki:Smw import vs
MediaWiki:Smw import xmpRights