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Type “Text”

  • holds text of arbitrary length
  • can be searched partially: if text is ≤ 72 characters it's all searchable, if text is > 72 characters then only the first 40 characters can be searched
  • is better set with parser function #set than with [[dc:description::long text possibly having […] text ]]

See also types defined by Semantic MediaWiki and Special:Properties for all properties.

Imported from (Dublin Core Metadata Element Set, Version 1.1)
See also import page MediaWiki:Smw_import_dc
This page lists all occurrences of Property:dc:description in Diversity Workbench.
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A concept page is supposed to be in the article name space holding more detailed definitions, notes, relations etc. than the basic settings here on the property page.

The SMW-import-page (MediaWiki:Smw import dc) defines a name space prefix “dc” and the following pages (=concepts or concept collections “Folder-silk.png”):
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Pages using the property "dc:description"

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dwbA:Agent +The main table with the data of the agent  +
dwbA:AgentContactInformation +The contact information resp. addresses of the agents  +
dwbA:AgentExternalDatabase +The external databases from which data in the database may have been imported from  +
dwbA:AgentExternalID +The ID's of data that were imported from foreign souces  +
dwbA:AgentImage +The images of the agents  +
dwbA:AgentKeyword +The keywords for the agents  +
dwbA:AgentProject +The projects of the agents  +
dwbAgents +<br />'''DiversityAgents Information Model (version 2.1.9, 12. July 2016)'''<br /> The dwbA database scheme representation is organized following the way of representing developed by the [ TDWG terminology platform] and uses similar templates and forms. The main two entities are [[Help:Concepts,_collections,_and_schemes | "concept"]], which is here used to describe the database table columns and [[Help:Concepts,_collections,_and_schemes | "concept collection"]], which represents the database tables and collect their columns (=concepts). Each concept rsp. concept collection is described on a separate page and may be therefore directly referenced by its URL. Find a list of all available dwb database schemes [[Schemes | here]]. For further information about schemes click [ here] and [ here], for query concepts click [ here].  +
dwbC:Analysis +Analysis types used within the database  +
dwbC:AnalysisResult +Value lists for analysis types with predefined values, e.g. "0, 1, 2, 3, ..." for Red list category. Includes description etc. for the values in the list.  +
dwbC:AnalysisTaxonomicGroup +The types of analysis which are available for a taxonomic group  +
dwbC:Collection +The collections where the specimen are stored  +
dwbC:CollectionAgent +The collector(s) of CollectionSpecimens  +
dwbC:CollectionEvent +The event where and when the specimen were collected  +
dwbC:CollectionEventImage +The images showing the collection site resp. place of the observations  +
dwbC:CollectionEventLocalisation +The geographic localisation of a CollectionEvent  +
dwbC:CollectionEventMethod +The methods used during a collection event  +
dwbC:CollectionEventParameterValue +The values of the parameter of the methods used within a collection event  +
dwbC:CollectionEventProperty +A property of a collection site, e.g. exposition, slope, vegetation. May refer to Diversity Workbench module DiversityScientificTerms  +
dwbC:CollectionEventSeries +The series whithin which collection events take place  +
dwbC:CollectionEventSeriesImage +The images showing the sites of a series of collection events, e.g. an expedition  +
dwbC:CollectionExternalDatasource +CollectionExternalDatasource document the sources of the names.  +
dwbC:CollectionImage +The images showing the collection  +
dwbC:CollectionProject +The projects within which the collection specimen were placed  +
dwbC:CollectionSpecimen +The data directly attributed to the collected specimen  +
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