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Has type

Type “Text”

  • holds text of arbitrary length
  • can be searched partially: if text is ≤ 72 characters it's all searchable, if text is > 72 characters then only the first 40 characters can be searched
  • is better set with parser function #set than with [[terms-internal:enDefinition::long text possibly having […] text ]]

See also types defined by Semantic MediaWiki and Special:Properties for all properties.

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dwbA:Agent.Abbreviation +Abbreviation of the agent  +
dwbA:Agent.AgentGender +-  +
dwbA:Agent.AgentID +Unique ID for the Agent (= Primary key)  +
dwbA:Agent.AgentName +The whole name of the agent as shown e.g. for selection in an user interface. For persons this entry will be generated as follows: LastName, FirstNames, AgentTitle  +
dwbA:Agent.AgentParentID +The AgentID of the superior agent if agents are organized within a hierarchy  +
dwbA:Agent.AgentRole +The role of an agent esp. a person within an organization. e.g. "Database Administrator" or "Curator"  +
dwbA:Agent.AgentTitle +The title of the agent, e.g. Dr., Prof.  +
dwbA:Agent.AgentType +The type of the agent, e.g. person, company<br />''DefaultValue: N'person' ''  +
dwbA:Agent.DataWithholdingReason +If the dataset is withhold, the reason for withholding the data, otherwise null  +
dwbA:Agent.Description +A description of the agent  +
dwbA:Agent.GivenName +The first names of the agent (if a person) or the name of e.g. an institution  +
dwbA:Agent.GivenNamePostfix +Variable part of name, correctly placed at end of given names  +
dwbA:Agent.InheritedName +The last names of the agent (if a person)  +
dwbA:Agent.InheritedNamePostfix +Additions after inherited name, like generation (Jr., III.) or names of religious orders  +
dwbA:Agent.InheritedNamePrefix +Variable part of name, correctly placed at the beginning of the inherited names  +
dwbA:Agent.Notes +Notes about the agent  +
dwbA:Agent.OriginalSpelling +Name as originally written in e.g. chinese or cyrillic letters  +
dwbA:Agent.PlaceOfBirth +The place (e.g. a city) where a person was born or an institution was founded  +
dwbA:Agent.PlaceOfDeath +The place (e.g.a city) where the person died  +
dwbA:Agent.RevisionLevel +The level of the revision of the agent, e.g. 'unchecked', 'final revision'<br />''DefaultValue: N'unchecked' ''  +
dwbA:Agent.SynonymToAgentID +The AgentID of the agent which was selected as a replacement for the current agent, e.g. if to equal datasets were imported from different sources  +
dwbA:Agent.SynonymisationType +The type of the synonymisation like "replaced with", "synonym to"  +
dwbA:Agent.ValidDateSupplement +Verbal or additional date information, e.g. 'end of summer 1985', 'first quarter'. The time of the valid date if necessary.  +
dwbA:Agent.ValidFromDate +The date of the begin of the exsistence of the agent, e.g. the birthday of a person or the founding of an institution, calculated from ValidFromDay, - Month and -Year  +
dwbA:Agent.ValidFromDay +The day of the begin of the exsistence of the agent  +
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