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The software application DiversityNaviKey is intended to identify organisms or other items (digital objects) as well as item groups which are part of or related to biodiversity or geodiversity research, by means of a set of pre-defined characteristics. It allows for interactive and sophisticated search on highly structured datasets with descriptive data (trait data with descriptors and states/values) to identify items and item groups according to (modified) states/values and other criteria, consecutively selected during the identification process.

DiversityNaviKey is the reimplementation of the multi-lingual java applet/application NaviKey which is also an integrated part of the DiversityNavigator database client.

The new application will be implemented as a „Progressive Web Application (PWA)“. Thus it is platform independent and will run on every common browser (Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Safari). The pages are responsive and adjusted to the user device (desktop, tablet, smartphone). By using caching mechanism of modern browsers, like ServiceWorker and IndexedDB, the main tasks of the application will also be available in offline mode.

DiversityNaviKey will use SDD structured data sources and PostgreSQL cache database mechanisms as established for DiversityDescriptions.

Future extension to use Artificial intelligence techniques and cover DiversityMobile functions is envisaged.