Downloads for IBF Test Users

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see under DiversityMobile

  • DiversityMobile Complete Installer v. 1.03S: Full installation of DiversityMobile Version 1.03S. Includes an EmptyDB witch needs to be initialized via the Synchronization Client.
  • DiversitySynchronization Windows Forms Installer v. 1.0: Installer for the Synchronization Client using Windows Forms. DiversitySynchronization is necessary to communicate with the SNSB to share data and download definitions.
  • Database Drivers for WindowsMobile 6.x devices v. 1.0: Zipped Installer for the SQL CE 3.5 ServicePack 2 for WindowsMobile 6.x devices. This Ressources is needed to communicate with databases on the mobile device. To install the drivers unzip the file on Your PC and copy the unzipped file to Your mobile device. After that, execute the .cab-File on Your mobile device.